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Connie conquers MS:
Learn about how Connie alleviated her symptoms of MS with the help of Seattle Blu Room!

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We are pleased to introduce Seattle’s first Blu Room

Seattle Blu Room- where High-Tech meets Ancient Principles.

In just 20-30 minutes, our clients report feeling

Refreshed, Energized, Centered and Focused!

Whether a Student needing Greater Focus and Concentration,

A High-Stress Decision Maker needing Calm Amid Chaos,

Someone needing Pain Relief and Accelerated Healing,

or Someone Exploring Mindfulness,

The Blu Room can Fast-Track Access to YOUR Deeper MIND!

Peak Performance through

Calm Alignment of Body and Mind!

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An Athlete's Testimonial On Accessing 
"The Zone":
Learn about the Physical and Mental Benefits of the Blu Room!

Seattle Blu Room has Closed its Mercer Island location.

Please check back for updates on our new location!

We encourage you to visit Blu Rooms at Yelm and Lacey locations!

You may also find locations at

updated 8/31/2020

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