"Such a terrific experience. Helps with relaxing, aches, pains, etc.

5 Stars!!! I highly recommend everyone try..."


"I am using the Blu Room to maintain, as well as increase, the vitamin D levels in my body. As a result of my treatments I have noticed a significant increase in my energy levels. The staff at the Blu Room Wellness center is very welcoming and kind, as well as attentive. I am glad the Blu Room became available to me when it did. I believe the Blu Room played a big part in helping me run better at the end of my track season."


Clayton is currently at college on a Track & Cross Country scholarship.

“I have been going to the Seattle Blu Room now for about a year and it has transformed my life for the better. I love the idea of meditating and/or setting an intention, but have a hard time quieting the chatter in my brain - when will the game of thrones return, did I update bus loading time on team snap, peruvian chicken for dinner or teriyaki, on and on and on. Going to the Blu Room gets me into a meditative state without any effort within a few minutes. I start to take deep breaths and go into a deep state of relaxation which sometimes feels like I am floating or levitating. After a loss of sense of time, there is a gentle knock on the door and what feels like only a few minutes have passed, I have been in a deep state of theta for 20-30 minutes. I come out of the Blu Room, grounded, refreshed, and energized. Susan always has an interesting insight and makes you feel like you are with a dear friend in her living room. Sometimes, it feels like a quick power nap. Other times, I have had Ah-Ha moments and made a connection or healing in areas that I didn't even know needed healing in the deep meditative state. After about a year now, I also use the Blu Room to set positive intentions and each session is different but always, I feel centered and present afterwards."

-Linda L.

“I have had several sessions in the Blu Room, all unique, all of them very peaceful and beautiful.  One session I had a distinct buzzing, a vibration on my right knee.  It wasn’t until I left the Blu Room that I realized it was on the exact spot that I had torn my meniscus 7 months earlier!  I felt like the Blu Room was finishing up on a healing that wasn’t quite done!  Extraordinary!”


“The Blu Room is wonderful! The owner, Susan, is very kind, gracious and supportive of her clients and the community. After just two sessions, I feel much more relaxed, lighter and with a clearer prospective. The constant pain in my knees has greatly improved! I am a believer!!" 

-Lina P.

“Thank you for sharing the Blu Room with me!  It was amazing!  As I laid in bed last night I felt this indescribable peace! I had no clue what a Blu Room was prior to doing this, but I truly believe now! Thank you so much!!!”


“A lot more energy especially after a treatment. Brain fog and ability to organize has improved tremendously. Ability to plan has improved”


“I’ve now experienced Seattle’s first and only Blu Room on Mercer Island. This Amazing Healing Future-Now Technology Blew Me Away!  I quickly dropped into the theta state of mind and had an unexpected PSI and healing experience!!  I look forward to continued sessions!  Can’t wait to see where this will take me!! Sign me up!!!!”


“Seattle Blu Room is such a beautiful environment.  The art and nature elements made me feel so peaceful and relaxed… even before I experienced the Blu Room!  What an interesting combination of Futuristic Technology with the peace of nature… I didn’t want to leave!”


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