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Choose a Package that's Right for YOU!

"Reset"- Blu Rooms around the world report that just 3 sessions within a period of 2 weeks gives clients a perception of a "new normal" of well being.  Use sessions over 2 weeks or enjoy over time!  

"Regenerate"-The Blu Room can fast-track a new mindset.  Neuroscientists report that it takes 28 days to grow new neural connections. For those interested in dedicating a specific period of time to work on specific goals, this package is for you!  Dedicate a month to focus on making new brain connections or enjoy your sessions over time!  

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"ReDesign"- For those who are re-creating themselves with focused intent, this is the ultimate package!  Clients who use this package tend to have very specific goals with a strong desire for success.  Using ReDesign, our clients are crafting a new life, by design.  Many take advantage of our Focus Card Room to draw a representation of their goals and then take that Focus with them into the Blu Room.  Whether you go into the Blu Room to simply relax and surrender, or go into the Blu Room using Focus Cards, this is our best value to vault you to your new life!  

Photosensitive Medications

The BluRoom session incorporates a period utilizing UVB light. Please check your medications for photosensitivity (this may include but not limited to antibiotics, diuretics, neuroleptic drugs) Your session will immerse you in the BluRoom atmosphere, but extra care should be taken to protect skin while on such medication. Please check with your doctor prior to BluRoom use.

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