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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a Blu Room Experience?

The Blu Room currently operates in 12 countries and has logged over 100,000 sessions world-wide. Sessions vary from person to person and from session to session. In just 20-30 minutes users report feeling refreshed, focused and energized. Many people report a warmth or tingling at current or old injury sites. Some users get ideas "out of the blue". Students use it for greater focus and concentration. Consistent users report that they are better at decision-making in highly stressful situations. The Blu Room seems to align both body and mind so that an individual feels centered, calm and in control.  


What is the Blue Light?

The Blu Room uses both LED blue light and NB UVB (Narrow band Ultra Violet Blue Light). NB UVB is a very narrowband of light in the ultra violet blue spectrum. It is regarded as the safest, most therapeutic UV frequency and has been used in medical applications for decades. We naturally absorb UVB from sunshine.

Is the Blu Room safe? Can I get Sunburned?

The Blu Room was designed to give safe exposure to an Ultraviolet atmosphere. If sun-sensitive or if you are taking medications that cause greater sun sensitivity, we recommend that you cover up to avoid redness.


How long is a Session? How many minutes of UVB?

Sessions are 20 minutes in duration followed by a transition period of 10-15 minutes. The room is illuminated by LED blue lights. The UVB lights which are on for a period of up to 9 minutes of the 20 minute session.


How many Sessions do I need?

As with any repetition, the more you repeat, the easier it is to arrive at a state of calm, centered focus. Users have reported a "Reset" benefit by having 3 sessions within a 2 week period.  Individuals who are dealing with an immediate health challenge may find 2-3 session/week optimal. Many of our clients enjoy weekly maintenance sessions. Please check our Package Specials for more information on how to clients are using sessions.


What do I wear in the Blu Room? Do I undress?

The Blu Room is NOT a tanning device. People wear regular clothing with shoes removed and eyes protected. Vitamin D benefit is increased with skin exposure,  however we recommend a gradual exposure of skin over time. In Seattle's low light winter we recommend extra caution with exposing skin.


Does the Blu Room help with Pain Relief? What about Stress Relief?

Yes!  The Blu Room environment induces a state of deep relaxation. Many of our clients fall asleep. The use of UVB lights enhances Vitamin D synthesis and triggers release of nitric oxide, which in turn causes vasodilation and encourages healing. 

Can the Blu Room help with Sports Performance?

Yes! Many of our athletes report that they are able to do longer, more intense workouts and that they repair faster.

Additionally, many report that the Blu Room helps fast track the Peak Performance Zone. During learning or practice, there is thinking, analyzing, reacting, and rehearsing. This is the alpha/beta brain state. During optimal sports performance, this is too slow. The ZONE is the theta brain wave state. It is like a meditative state where the Body is in FLUID MOVEMENT and the Mind is in THE PRESENT. The Blu Room is a Performance Enhancer which trains your brain to more quickly access THE ZONE.

Can the Blu Room help with PTSD?

PTSD is a disorder that involves replaying a traumatic experience in one's mind. It is an ongoing torture to those it afflicts. Our experience is that Blu Room clients become more detached and less triggered by their memories. For PTSD Blu Room interview, please see Seattle KONG TV.


Are my BluRoom sessions covered by Insurance?

Not at present. Like many healing modalities that go mainstream, we hope one day that the Blu Room will be recognized for coverage. 


Is the Blu Room wheelchair accessible?

Yes. If you can lift yourself out of your chair and into your bed, you will likely be able to lift yourself onto the couch in the BluRoom. Please notify us of your special requirements at time of your booking.



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