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Althought the UVB narrow band light used in the Blu Room is the safest of all the UV light spectrum, it is still possible for SOME people to get burnt and it is highly recommended that you cover up all exposed skin to prevent the potential of burning if (i) you have pale skin that burns easily in the sun, if (ii) you have NOT been exposed to the sun or Blu Room for a few weeks, or (iii) you use certain lotion, creams, makeup, essential oils, esp. bergamot, grapefruit, lemon,lime, bitter orange, or cumin.  Additionally, if you have been on antibiotics or other medications that make you sun sensitive, (this may include but not limited to antibiotics, diruetics, neuroleptic drugs), extra care should be taken to protect your skin while on such medication.  Please check with your doctor prior to Blu Room use.

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