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About the Inventor, Developers

JZ Knight

Inventor, Developer of Blu Room


JZ Knight is known by historians and religious experts as the Great American Channel and recognize her as one of the most charismatic and compelling spiritual leaders of the modern age. JZ Knight is the only channel through whom Ramtha has chosen to deliver his message. She and Ramtha have inspired audiences worldwide for the last four decades, bridging ancient wisdom and the power of consciousness together with the latest discoveries in science. It was JZ’s long-held dream to bring back a heavenly atmosphere she experiences when in another conscious realm. The Blu Room is that atmosphere.

Dr Matthew Martinez

Co-Developer Blu Room


Dr Matthew Martinez practices as a physician and chiropractor. He is member/manager of Blu Room Enterprises, LLC. Dr Matt owns 2 clinics that provide Blu Room services- Absolute Health Clinic in Olympia, WA and The Tree of Life Center in Riobamba, Ecuador. Dr Matt is known for his compassion, his intuitive ability to navigate complex health challenges, and his deep desire to explore the healing potential inherent in everyone.

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