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Dr. Kerstin Bortfeldt from the Medical Health Clinic for Ophthalmology and Prevention in Weimar, Ger

Dr. Kerstin Bortfeldt from the Medical Health Clinic for Ophthalmology and Prevention in Weimar, Germany describes the Blu Room as follows:

“The Blu Room can bring a very deep state of relaxation. This has to do with its frequency-atmosphere. The room gets warmed up/charged with Ultraviolet Blue (UVB) lights, which means, it is not solar, but that we turn on special UVB lights for a few minutes. Those lights have a special frequency-spectrum, so it is not the entire UV-spectrum. When the UVB lights get turned off, we have captured their frequency in this room. And this frequency moves about in this geometry and within these mirrors, and produces exactly here a standing wave, zero point energy. Said energy interacts with the person lying here. In our body, we are frequency, and we get into the frequency, not exactly like a Scanner, but frequency-wise the body gets scanned. And we move into a state where the body can release its self-healing frequency. That is because blocking influences from the cerebrum and frontal lobe fall away, for therein lie our belief systems, conditioning, that which has often blocked us from healing. And we quickly fall into an Alpha-Theta state, where a lot can happen. It really depends on how willing one is to allow, because you have to allow and surrender. Then anything can happen from - nothing, to deep relaxation, all the way to a miraculous healing.” Dr. Kerstin Bortfeldt

You can view the original video interview in German here.

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